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Highland Brewing Celebrates Ten Years 2022-07-27
In North Carolina, Asheville’s Highland Brewing Co. is celebrating a ten-year milestone. Highland Brewing was formed by retired engineer Oscar ...
(60) Views|(0) Comments
Unintended alcoholic punch 2022-07-27
Japanese officials have discovered that an occasional bottle of “non-alcoholic” Buckler beer may have contained more punch than advertise ...
(67) Views|(0) Comments
Brewer Can8217t Make Health Caims 2022-07-27
An English advertising watchdog has criticized Coors for making claims about health benefits in a four-page magazine insert promoting its Carling lag ...
(56) Views|(0) Comments
Sleeman acquires Unibroue 2022-07-27
Sleeman Breweries is buying Quebec microbrewery Unibroue for about $31 million Canadian. Unibroue exports a wide range of Belgian-influenced beers to ...
(51) Views|(0) Comments
Hawaii Brewpub OffSales a Signature Away 2022-07-27
Hawaii’s state Senate Bill 2606, allowing small brewpubs to sell their customers kegs and half-gallon jugs to go, is awaiting Gov. Linda Lingle ...
(65) Views|(0) Comments
AOB Increases Brewery Representation on Board of Directors 2022-07-27
The Association of Brewers Board of Directors recently filled three At-Large positions, growing the board to 19 members. The AOB announced last week ...
(77) Views|(0) Comments

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