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Strong Beer not Showing up in Georgia 8211 Yet

Viewed 39 times27-7-2022 06:41 PM

July 1 marked the date that the new higher limits on beer-alcohol content took effect in the state of Georgia. The new law raises the allowed beer-alcohol limit from 6% to 14%, allowing all but a very small number of commercially produced beers to be sold in that state, but direct results of the change may not be seen until later in the month. Under the new law, distributors can now stock stronger drafts, but it may take some time for the beer to arrive at bars in the state. Georgia’s new law, which passed the state Senate in February, makes Georgia one of 39 states to permit the sale of high alcohol content beer. At the beginning of July, distributors in the state hadn’t announced new brands that they’d be stocking, leaving managers and bartenders to guess at what would eventually be available. Distributors cited the typical lead time involved in getting shipments into their warehouses, and each new beer brought into Georgia will require proper state regulatory approval before it can be stored and distributed.More from

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