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Author: syafali

[Accesories & Hobbies] CIMB Unit Trust @ CIMB Dana Amanah

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 Author| Post time 13-5-2008 02:51 PM | Show all posts

Reply #40 airynz's post

tu la...tgh tunggu date utk exam cimb aviva ni...

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Originally posted by syafali at 13-5-2008 02:51 PM
tu la...tgh tunggu date utk exam cimb aviva ni...

baru nak exam ker? good luck..., tp yg ambik ngan aviva result kena tunggu kan? i ambil yg computer test ari tu....result on the cute exam gak.... i dah pass lama dah :p b4 join cimb bila join CIMB baru nak guna PCIE cert tu....

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 Author| Post time 14-5-2008 08:08 PM | Show all posts

Reply #42 airynz's post

wah....cepat.I baru nak amik, boleh la u jual 3 in 1 product tu!!!

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Post time 24-5-2008 11:05 PM | Show all posts


Akum Smua ...
Bro, add saya sama ekk..

mana peginya pakcik "kampungan" tuu  ???
teringin nak buat POST MORTEM  kat case dia tuu... sian betul kalo ada experience gitu..
Apapun, Saya sendiri mmg dah buat research before join this industry... besides , my uncle is
a director at OSK 188... Tapi, saya survey dulu team management yg bakal saya join ..
Company bagus , bukannya benchmark utk Team player yg bagus .. Am I right ?
So, statement pakcik "kampungan" tu, menakutkan bakal2 agen yg nak join kami here in CIMB Wealth Advisor . . . No worries , Kami comitted pada kerjaya .. dan bukan semata2 pada peluang sales di depan mata... Do Join Us ... Are You Dare ?
Nama:      Daa Hj.Ahmad
No tel:     019-9898945
Location: Kelantan Teritory

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 Author| Post time 27-5-2008 08:36 PM | Show all posts

Reply #44 ida_cimb's post

Bior la kampungan itu dgn kehidupannya.Kita yg komited ni,terus kan usaha utk menjadi org yg berjaya.

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Post time 5-6-2008 09:17 PM | Show all posts
Unit Trust?
1.Where investors with similar investment objectives pool their funds
2.CIMB professional fund manager then invests the pooled funds in portfolio that may include in:
    - Stock markets
    - Bonds
    - Money markets
    - Goverment securities
    - Offshore investment
3.Medium to long term investment (i.e. 3-20 years), unit trust investments generally provide superior returns at
   acceptable levels of risk. There will be a compounding effect that will maximise your return....

The Returns?
1.Will be in three forms: i.dividend,  ii.bonus unit, and; gain

How To Invest?
1.Lump Sum
2.Regular Savings (monthly contributions)
3.EPF Transfers (from EPF account 1)

Benefits of Unit Trust..
   With CIMB, the initial investment is as LOW as RM100 for conventional fund and only RM500 for shariah fund.

   The wider the spread of investments, the less volatile (i.e. variable) the investment returns will be.

   Easily bought and sold.

4.Professional Fund Management
   The people managing unit trusts are approved professionals. Their training and background ensures that decision
   making is structured and according to sound investment principles.

5.Investment Exposure
   For instance, if an investor with RM5,000 wants to gain exposure to the Malaysian property market, global equity
   markets and the Malaysian bond market, it would be impossible to simultaneously hold a direct investment portfolio
   in all of these markets. With unit trust investments, it is possible to spread your money around to all of these asset
   classes at the same time, so that the investor can gain the investment exposure he requires.

6.The Comfort of Regulation
   With the introduction of unit trusts in Malaysia came regulation from various regulators, especially the Securities
   Commission. The entire range of variables relating to the unit trust industry is governed by various legislations.The
   sole purpose of such regulations is to protect the interest of the investing public.
   Regulations provide investors with a level of comfort that they are investing in a safe investment mechanism.

Interested? Want to learn more?
Just email me at <>
Or call/sms  019-340 1724

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Post time 5-6-2008 09:17 PM | Show all posts
Eric Leong: "The returns were about 60% to 80%
                    of my initial investment amount.
                    This really surprised me!"

*Quoted from Personal Money issue #82 -June 2008

Chef Wan: "You cannot put all your rice in one bowl.
                   For instance, don't put all your money in property.
                   Put some in liquid form, some in solid property,
                   some in cash, some in bonds. If anything happens,
                   you are cushioned."

*Quoted from Personal Money issue #78 -February 2008
    What Chef Wan said is diversification of investment; that is one of the benefit of Unit Trust.

Rajen Devadason (certified financial planner):
                  "The rest of my liquid assets are in savings accounts,
                   unit trust funds and high-grade, dividend-yielding stocks.
                   More than 50% of this total allocation is in unit trusts."

*Quoted from Personal Money issue #81 -May 2008

*All the quotes is about unit trusts in general. Not appointed to any unit trust management companies in specific.

Interested? Want to learn more?
Just email me at <>
Or call/sms  019-340 1724

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 Author| Post time 6-6-2008 11:45 AM | Show all posts
Top 10 Islamic Fund in Malaysia(as at 30April 2007-30 April 2008)

1-CIMB Islamic Equity 12.45%:pompom:
2-CIMB Islamic Dali Equity 11.06%:pompom:
3-CIMB Islamic Dali Equity Growth 9.59%:pompom:
4-CIMB Islamic Enhanced Index 7.59%:pompom:

5-MAAKL Al-Faid 6.36%
6-ASM Dana Al-Aiman 5.52%
7-Public Islamic Equity 5.53%
8- ING Equity Islam 5.02%
9-Public Islamic Dividend 4.55%
10-Kenanga Syariah Growth 4.37%

Sumber dari: Personal Money Jun Issue

Telah terbukti.Prestasi dana CIMB yang konsisten telah menarik ramai pelabur melabur dgn CIMB Wealth Advisors.Dengan Trust Nomination Service,wang anda akan diwarisi oleh orang yang tersayang dan anda tidak perlu risau lagi mengenai wang anda akan dibekukan oleh Amanah Raya Berhad.Anda tidak perlu menunggu pelaburan anda lebih 100 ribu baru anda boleh menikmati kemudahan istimewa.Kami di CIMB memberikan layanan yang istimewa kepada semua pelabur kerana bagi kami layanan yang sama rata adalah lebih penting.Trust Nomination Service hanya ditawarkan oleh CIMB Wealth Advisors sahaja.Ini adalah antara kekuatan kami disamping prestasi dana syariah kami yang terbukti hebat.Kami juga menawarkan insurans dari CIMB Aviva utk perlindungan diri dan keluarga anda.Sebut sahaja apa yang anda mahu,kami mampu tawarkan kerana kami adalah CIMB Wealth Advisors.Kami boleh tawarkan lebih dari apa yang pesaing kami boleh tawarkan.

Hubungi agen-agen CIMB di sini dan kami sedia memberikan sebarang maklum balas dengan segera.

Terima kasih.


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 Author| Post time 8-6-2008 10:54 PM | Show all posts
page mendap lagi??

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 Author| Post time 9-6-2008 09:56 PM | Show all posts
Overwhelming Response to CIMB-Principal MENA Equity Fund

Kuala Lumpur: The CIMB-Principal Middle East North Africa (MENA) Equity Fund, launched by CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad in February this year, has been fully subscribed. Due to this tremendous response, the Fund抯 size has been increased by a further 150 million units to 450 million units.

According to Datuk Noripah Kamso, Chief Executive of CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad, 揟his encouraging response is proof that investors recognise the Fund抯 appeal as a potential diversification tool against investment risks amid global markets

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 Author| Post time 9-6-2008 09:58 PM | Show all posts
CIMB Strengthens Presence in Indonesia with Merger

JAKARTA: The CIMB Group yesterday proposed a merger of its 63.4%-owned Indonesian unit, PT Bank Niaga, with Khazanah Nasional抯 PT Bank Lippo, in a deal that is valued at RM8.6 billion.

The proposed merger is to comply with Indonesia抯 single presence policy (SPP) which will be effective 2010, under which no single shareholder can have a controlling stake in more than one Indonesian bank.

Khazanah and CIMB are considered as a 搒ingle shareholder

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Post time 11-6-2008 11:46 AM | Show all posts
Kepada mereka yang berada sekitar UPM Serdang, Putrajaya dan BandarBaru Bangi, boleh lah hubungi saya untuk "Investment Consultation"dalam CIMB.

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Post time 20-6-2008 12:18 AM | Show all posts
Kuala Lumpur: The CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme Fund (DALI 3), launched by CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad in March 2008, has more than doubled its fund size due to overwhelming response. The Fund抯 size has now been increased to 1.35 billion units from 900 million units. This is the second time the Fund has been increased from its initial size of 600 million units to 900 million units in May 2008.

According to Datuk Noripah Kamso, Chief Executive of CIMB-Principal, the encouraging response is proof that investors recognise the investment opportunities the Fund has to offer. 揟his Fund invests in Malaysia抯 promising sectors, hence we were confident that it would be well-received by investors who seek to offset their investment volatility caused by other markets. It was structured in the best interest of the investors, as an option to re-route their eligible EPF contributions into this Fund,

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Post time 20-6-2008 10:40 AM | Show all posts
kenapa unit trust cimb jatuh je skrg...

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 Author| Post time 20-6-2008 12:48 PM | Show all posts

Reply #54 mohaz69's post

Hi encik Mohaz,sekarang ni bukan dana CIMB je jatuh.Dana2 dari company lain pun sama sebab market kita memang down sekarang.Bagi saya,dana CIMB masih lagi perform terutamanya dana syariah kami.Encik boleh refer majalah Personal Money bulan Jun utk mengetahui carta unit trust performance.Dekat page sebelah saya ada post kan carta terbaru unit trust performance dari Personal Money bulan Jun.Sila buat rujukan dengan lebih lanjut.

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Post time 20-6-2008 12:56 PM | Show all posts

Reply #54 mohaz69's post

well, sbb utama adalah kejatuhan ekonomi malaysia sejak pilihanraya haritu..
semlm pun KLCI dah jatuh rendah dari 1200..
Mana2 unit trust pun skang tgh jatuh...
Walaubgaimanapun menurut sumber bloomberg, kbykan dana2 CIMB mengalami tahap penurunan yg kurang dari syarikat unit trust yg laen..

Walaupun kbykan dana2 CIMB mengalami kejatuhan, terdpt juga dana yg memberi keputusan disebaliknya, cth dana2 tersebut adlah CIMB Principal MENA Equity Fund(baru2 ni juga telah dinaikkan saiz dananya) dan CIMB Islamic Global Equity Fund..

Tetapi, jika kita melihat dari sudut yg positif, inilah masa yg dikira baik utk kita melabur kerana harga tgh rendah (Prinsip utama investment/business= buy low, sell high)
Kita juga perlu igt, unit trust ini adalah simpanan utk jangka masa panjang...
kalau kita ni jenis short term player, mmg kita akan berfikir byk kali samada utk masuk pasaran atau tdk...

[ Last edited by  adamalek at 20-6-2008 01:00 PM ]

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Post time 20-6-2008 12:57 PM | Show all posts

Reply #55 syafali's post

Ekau tgh online kat Sabah ke?
tadi tgk berita terkini, dia kata angin kencang bakal melanda laut china selatan..
ombak dianggar akan meningkat hingga 2m lebih hehehe....

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Post time 20-6-2008 06:18 PM | Show all posts
itula..aku dah beli dali 1,2 dgn mizan..bile la agak2 akan naik...takut makin turun turun turun..perghh ngeri gak tu..hehhehe

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Post time 20-6-2008 10:25 PM | Show all posts

Reply #58 mohaz69's post

Tahniah!! kerana sudah membuat keptusan yg bijak dgn melabur di CIMB.
Mohaz beli dana2 tu bila?

Nasihat saya adalah jgn panik...
kena bersabar je..
Mungkin kalo hal politik negara ni da reda sket, naik la tu...
mana2 kerajaan pun bg saya adala business minded, mesti dorang nak ekonomi negara membangun...

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Post time 21-6-2008 12:32 AM | Show all posts
dah almost 7month beli...takut jugak mana la tau kot kot turun trus smpai duit lebut..ada ke mcm tu..?hehehe

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